Hi folks.

I am learning java from past 5 years and constantly upgrading myself and excited to know interesting classes of java.

Whats your favourite class in java? Plz share if you find any new interesting inbuilt class that comes in jdk or even 3rd party is also fine.

you're looking at the whole too limited. one class on itself is ... nothing.
it's like you want to ask someone in what kind of home he prefers to live, and you ask him to choose one single brick.
you should consider the complete. so, in this form, rather a framework, or at least a group of classes rather than a class.

A single class in java feels like a part in your car...
It's worthless until you combine it with others so that you can take a ride.
But i think i like Graphics2D

Yeah. I meant to ask classes..those who are reading the post now , make the class into plural form :)

(Topic title changed to "classes" as requested)