Okay I am working on a group project in class and I have to learn XML for it, would anyone be able to point me in the right direction. If I recall right we are using XML to communicate with a flash program we're building.

ALso if anyone knows anything about UIMA or a link to learn it, or the correct category to ask about it please let me know. Thanks in advance

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That's a pretty generic statement, in that I'm "learning XML". Not sure exactly what you mean. There's a lots of different aspect about XML to learn.

The basics are that XML is an open document standard defined by the W3C. It's made up of a set of rules that are in line with DOM Model and it's primary goal is to contain data in a simple, lightweight and accessible way.

W3C Schools XML Learning.

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Okay well then let me fix this. Where can I learn the basics to XML. I have never seen this language before so where should I go to get a basic understanding of it?


The link above will talk about the XML document standard and what XML is about. It starts getting a little technical, but just don't worry about those parts. Google is your friend. There's lots of good resources out there about what an XML document is and how to use them.

A Intro to XML


Thank you very much

Also I do know how to program (C# right now is my favorite) so I have experience with writing computer code.

by the way and tips about UIMA??


Can't help you on the UIMA. Not very familiar with it. You're going to have to go to a textbook, or a an Apache specific area to find someone with that kind of experience.

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