How to add vlc media player in am adding vlc player but it not work pls give suggestion how to play vlc player in dot net windows application.

Check the videolan forums, there are quite some issues with it. Check there what version you need to use.

How to check the videolan forums.i am using version 2.0.4 vlc and vs 2008.

Its possible to play Vlc Player in dot net.If it possible then please give suggestion how to Play audion in dotnet.

It may be a problem with the new version of VLC 2.x.x. (XP32, VS2008)

I had played with this a bit quite a while ago and had it working, but all I got with the newer version installed was a black box. I uninstalled VLC, and deleted the program directory and then installed the last 1.1 version and it works again now.

Here is a snippet:

  With AxVLCPlugin21
     .CtlVisible = True

     .Toolbar = True
  End With

Thanq...Its working.How to add playlist in vlc media player.

How to play the playlist in VlcPlayer in

If its possible to play the play list(.xspf formate)in vlc by using code.If Yes, how?

I have seen others claim that you can use either add or addtarget to load a playlist, but those posts are quite old. I have not had any success using those. Howeverthe playlist is just an XML document and it can be easily parsed to extract the filename. Then these filenames can be added to the player's playlist.

  Dim doc As New Xml.XmlDocument()

  Dim nsm As New Xml.XmlNamespaceManager(doc.NameTable)
  nsm.AddNamespace("rootns", doc.DocumentElement.NamespaceURI)
  Dim TrackLocations As Xml.XmlNodeList

  TrackLocations = doc.SelectNodes("rootns:playlist/child::rootns:trackList/child::rootns:track/child::rootns:location", nsm)
  If TrackLocations.Count > 0 Then
     For Each location As Xml.XmlNode In TrackLocations
  End If

This code is working but playing single file of the list not for all the play list pls help regarding this.

Handle the "MediaPlayerEndReached" event to advance the playlist.