I want to know what are the prerequisites Softwares Needed to install on my pc to start vb.net 2008 and ms sql Standalone and Server Client Software Development? I have P4 Processor, 4 GB Ram, 1 TB Hard Disk, Oprating System Windows XP Professional Service pack 3. Visual Studio 2008 Software Setup (Which I think Included MS Sql 2005 Express Edition and Crystal Report 11). I also seperately have MS SQL 2005 Server setup CD.
1. I first want to start with develop small standalone Application for Single PC.
2. Then I want to convert that application can be run on Server & Client basic.

Please help me ... waiting Brothers from you .. I want to learn ....

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You probably can't get legal license for VS 2008 any more, get VS 2012 Express editiion is free for both personal and commercial use. But I suspect your hardware isn't large or fast enough.

Here is a link to VS 2008 hardware requirements. I think you can use your current hardware

Here is the hardware and os requirements for visual studio 2012

for vs2008 win xp or 7 , and for vs2010 win 7 ,
just install vs your mssql server will auto installed with that setup , in case of vs2008 mssql 2005 will installed and in case of vs2010 mssql server 2008 will be installed.

after installation you just have install Mssql management studio .

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