hello guys..

my problem is im gonna use my program into another computer but the sql server is on my laptop..
then i copy my program into another computer then I start debugging but there some of error..

this is my coonection string...

    conn.ConnectionString = "Data Source=,1433;Initial Catalog=MyDatabase;Integrated Security=True" 

in my sql server I dont have any password just windows authentication..
please help thanks... guys.. im a newbie

Do you know what user the program is running under? Is it a local machine user? You will need to use a network domain user account so that both machines will recognise it and grant this account access under SQL server Management studio.

I dont have any password just windows authentication..

Windows authentication would work fine if the computers are members of the domain and in your SQL server you allow domain users to access the DB.

If these two computers are not part of a domain, you should still be able to connect via Windows authentication but the account on your laptop that has been given access to connect to the DB, would have to be created (with the same password) on the other computer.

This approach adds additional complexity to manage. You may want to consider using SQL authentication instead.

sir, my laptop and my desktop was already connected because of the same workgroup.. The file sharing is okay and when im try to connect to the sql server there has an error but i can browse the sql server name.. and also to my program same error.. but i configured already the sql server i change the port, enable tcip, etc..

Guys anyone can help me?

i think you should configure your sql server before .click on start --> microsoft sql server 2005 --> configuration tools --> sql server surface area configuration ---> surface area configuration for services and connections --> select remote connection option from the list on left side. then enable local connections and remote connections.
After doing above process , then again go on start--> microsoft sql server 2005 --> configuration tools--> sql server configuration manager --> sql native client configuration (left side list)--> check tcp/ip service is enable if it is disable then enable it and restart your mssql server.

After do above process , i hope you will able to connect your sql server remotly .


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