I'm struggling to run a scheduled task on win7 machine (which is already created and calls a vbs) from XP machine programatically. I've tried this code for example:

dim objTaskService, objTask, objRootFolder

Set objTaskService = CreateObject("Schedule.Service")

Set objRootFolder = objTaskService.GetFolder("\")
Set objTask = objRootFolder.GetTask("test_task)
objTask.Run vbNull

This code works perfect when running it from win7-win7 or win7-XP machine but not XP-win7 machine.
It gives me "ActiveX component can't create object: 'Schedule.Service'" error but can't seem to find anything usefull to solve this error.

Does anyone has an idea why this code doesn't work in XP-win7 or can someone suggest another way how to run scheduled task programatically on windows7 machine when calling it from XP machine?

Tnx for suggestions,

Have you looked at schtasks.exe? There is a section of documentation here on MSDN that gives an overview of the requirements for running a task on a remote computer.