I'm currently working on my bachelor's thesis in which i'm hoping to assess whether a (simplified) programming exam generates a "better" result if taken in an adjusted computerized environment compared to taking it with only the use of pencil and paper.

I have built a web based platform, with the intent that it should 'look and feel' like IDLE.

The exam consists of three fairly simple programming assignments and there is a time limit set to 30 minutes to complete all of them.

To clarify the level of difficulty; an example of such an assignment could be to iterate over an array of strings and print them subsequently.

Perhaps you're self-learned and is just starting out with Python, or you're taking/just taken an introductory course at High School/Uni level.

Any help is immensely appreciated.

Questions or access to the platform is handled via e-mail:


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Interesting project.
Have you discovered anything yet?

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Interesting project.
Have you discovered anything yet?

Well, mostly, due to a lack of voluenteers the results can't really prove anything. But i can submit the study when it's done. Should be within a couple of weeks.

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