Hi Guys,

i am currently creating a database in c#, this i can do, the problem i am having is trying to network it to my wifes pc, after i build (release version) i transfer to my wifes pc, but it doesnt work, says that the database is read-only? and ideas?
maybe i have done the network wrong, how is it supposed to be created,
many thanks guys :)

What database are you using?
MS Access? If "MS Access" where have you kept it....?
Place it in a shared path and remove the read only attribute.

if your using Microsoft SQL server, to connect to it remotly you will need add the hostip pr pcname:port, collection = database.

if you would like to access the server directly you will have to install sql server manager and create alt login account and bind to the database collection you are using.

Hi guys,

ive created the DB in C#,
and yea im trying to configure sql server (not getting anywhere fast tho) but my set up is all wrong, im currently on a P2P network, i guess i have to creat a C/S network to get this running correctly?