i've obtained alot of literature for vim editor and i've started working, but then i realised there aren't any books on shell scripting (at least i could'nt find any) containing many examples. can anyone suggest a good by example book on bash shell?

also, what is the importance of scripts for a linux user? what can they do? (i am an absolute linux beginner and i don't want to waste my time on something that is not usefull, at least at the beginning)

thank you in advance.

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There is a tutorial tacked to the top of this forum.

A script can do just about anything, and they are very useful to linux users (at least those that work on the command line, as you can use them to combine many common tasks that are usually performed together among other things).


thank you so much.. i'll try the tutorial at the top of the forum - i can't understand how i managed to miss it. :) thank you for the motivation!
(excuse my bad english :)


This is a basic bash scripting tutorial http://www.linuxcommand.org/writing_shell_scripts.php I found which is quite helpful, and takes you through simple scripting step by step. This explains shell commands and how to write simple scripts. I would also recommend a tutorial on regular expressions if you are not familiar with those, since I found that to be a necessary prerequisite to writing shell scripts.

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