i want to know if there are any libraries for image/video processing in c/c++ with a compatibilty that it can later be adapted to DSP, without much difficulty.
thanks in advance.

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i donot know what is DSP but there are alots of libraries for image/video processing in c/c++ like openCV,imagemagic

Magic++ is also good, but I prefer windows.h there are basic structures, wich will not confuse you))

Very few target DSP processors support windows.h ;)

I suspect easybmp would be relatively easy to port over to DSP.

It all depends on what kind of image processing tasks you need to do. The best place to start is probably OpenCV. I'm sure it's possible to at least try to get it working on a DSP (with uCLinux for example). Otherwise, you can at least have access to the source of the algorithms you need and copy them into your DSP code. I recommend you try to get a micro-linux distro running on your DSP that's going to be the easiest when trying to port or use any 3rd party library.

Thank you guys for ur suggestions. Aint a pro, i've jus started. i'll go through every post in deep and ask for your help.

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