First, what do I need to add to my Win 7 SP1 in order to execute Python scripts?

Second, what's a good Win x64 IDE that's super simple, free of too many bells and whistles, and good at testing and debugging basic textmode Python scripts? I need to be able to execute the scripts in a persistent textmode environment.

Thanks. :)

hey there, I have the default Python IDLE which is very simple and easy to use which I use basically for smaller programs. I mostly use Eclipse + pyDev to work on larger python projects because code management and autocompletion is good in it.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, extr3mex. I'm gathering that a Python interpreter isn't natively built into Win 7. Is that, in fact, the case? It would be strange, but I've heard stranger.

Assuming you downloaded and installed Python with the python-2.7.3.msi installer, you can used a batch file like
c:/python27/python.exe -u c:/myscriptfolder/

On a Windows machine you can also just double click on the script file. See:

Even better, download the portable version of Python and use the PyScripter IDE that comes with it. See:

IMHO, the problem with Eclipse and Pydev is that it's a hugely bloated and slow system.

If you want to do Windows GUI stuff you can use IronPython and the SharpDevelop IDE with a formbuilder that mimics the MS Studio IDE. Take a look at:

Hi, Vegaseat,

I already installed 3.3. Can I also install 2.7.3 alongside it? (I find that the version of IDLE bundled with 3.3 works fine for me after I fine tune the syntax I'm using, but I'd like to learn the 2.7.3 syntax as well.)

Also, I'm assuming I can install IronPython and SharpDevelop alongside 3.3 as well. Let me know if that's not the case.

There are some problems with Windows having Python27 and Python33 installed. Both executables are called Python.exe and one only can be the default.

You can force IDLE to run with a certain version using batch files ...

rem idle33.bat
rem run IDLE IDE with Python33
C:\Python33\pythonw.exe -u  C:\Python33\Lib\idlelib\idle.pyw

or ...

rem idle27.bat
rem run IDLE IDE with Python27
C:\Python27\pythonw.exe -u  C:\Python27\Lib\idlelib\idle.pyw

Best to use Portable Python for version 2.7.3 (it comes with a boatload of third party modules). You can move it to your hard drive or use it from a small USB-drive. Python 2.7.3 allows you to used many of the older example scripts, but you can bring in Python3 features with extra imports.

Installing IronPython and the SharpDevelop IDE does not give any registry problems with Windows. IronPython is version 2.7.3 Python syntax.

Above all, enjoy Python! It has a friendly syntax and is extremely powerful. The syntax is easy, the trick is to get to know the many well worked out modules.

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