I created a (personal) DVD database in MS Access. I am looking to leave Access and create a DBMS with Visual Studio 2008 - I am good with programming in VBA, but I am not familiar with the differences in syntax within the .NET enviornment. To make a long story short, after watching a few tutorials, I found out how to build the database et cetera. Now I would like to show the DVD cover (saved as a .jpg image in a folder on my network) when the record for a specific title loads.

I know that in Access, you can link the images to a form under the form's <On Current> event, i.e., Me.DVDCover.Picture = "[UNC PATH]" & ".jpg" I prefer linking images rather than embedding in order to prevent bloating. Do anybody have any suggestions on how to link the pictures? I have searched all over DaniWeb as well as many hours of "Googling it" - all to no avail. I would appreciate any feedback that will help me learn and transition from VBA to .NET.

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It sounds like the ImageList Component is what you need, "The Windows Forms ImageList component is used to store images, which can then be displayed by controls. An image list allows you to write code for a single, consistent catalog of images. ". The msdn article giving details is here