Whenever I try to place Msflexgrid component on the form,it show me the message,"You don't have the liscence to use this control.
Please send me solution for that,or tell me the other method to show the grid,as I only want to show the information in the grid form.

Have you tried using a DataGrid?

Just did a little checking, and I found out that the Msflexgrid is a COM Control. When working with .NET, it is very desirable to stay with pure managed code (for example, use .NET controls, instead of COM). The DataGrid would be the flexgrid's .NET equivelent.

Try looking at the following Knowlege base article. This is the fix for getting the design time licences. Further you may have to copy the files (listed in the article) to your machine and register them. Use regsvr32 for this.


Doc T


As you said datagrid is really superiar than Dagrid in VB6 but as MSFLEXGRID it will not allow to create unbound reports in spreadsheet format.