Hello again.

I'm having issues finding any advanced info about touch support in Delphi.
At the moment, I can't seem to find a way to add the scroll functionality to my app, so that it'd work as on metro apps in Windows 8 (such scroller as the Metro Internet Explorer has), so I could drag finger basically anywhere on the screen and it would scroll.
I have a scrollbox covering almost whole form, and there I'd need that touch scroll function.

Anyone have any good ideas, at least some articles I might missfound?


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Unfortunately, this is an XE3 feature.

Quote: "With Delphi’s new Metropolis UI, you can easily create apps with the new Windows 8 UI styling, including, touch enablement, ..."

Huh, that's the case.... :/
So I guess I'll have to figure something as big slider or gesture control over form...
Could I make some gesture field over whole form, but with some "holes" for buttons? :D
Else I should consider about upgrading... :/

Thanks for one more answer, pritaeas. :)

For now, you could just keep the horizontal scrollbar of the scrollbox. At least it's something (although ugly). Another option would be a left and right button hovering on the sides of your form, click to scroll.

As you said, it's quite ugly, yes... The buttons seems like a way, but in that case I'll rather deploy another form or use show/hide panel's with buttons, since it's an application that will run on touchscreen-only based system, and I'm willing to keep it as simple as possible in order to be marked as "user-friendly" commercial app. :)
I'm about to try trial of the XE3, maybe I manage to add this before the trial expires ;) And, since the XE3 has the ability of creating metropolis UI, this might be the right choice for my app. :)

Oh, and, I'm developing home automation software, by the way. :))

Ps: Are you familiar with the XE3 and metroui apps as well? I mean, can I post questions about that here as well, or is it not the right forum for that?

Pps: Should I completely remake whole project in VCL Metropolis UI Application? Now i'm working in SDI environment...


That's hard for me to answer, as I starting building C# metro apps. No idea on those new Delphi features.

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