Hi, I am a newbie to html. I have a project I am doing for school. Can someone take a look at my code and see what is wrong? After I put my answers in the form, my results will not populate. Any help appreciated

         My Fun Quiz - Constance Dobbins 
                 function getInputAsText(_id){return document.getElementById(_id).value}
                 function getInputAsNumber(_id){return parseFloat(document.getElementById(_id).value)}
                 function setOutput(_id, _value){document.getElementById(_id).value = _value}
                 function calculate ()
                     //declare variables
          var myAnswer1
          var myAnswer2
          var myAnswer3
          var myResult1
                        var myResult2
          var myResult3
                        var score

                     //get variable's value  
                        myAnswer1=getInputAsNumber ("myAnswer1")
          myAnswer2=getInputAsText ("myAnswer2")    
          myAnswer3=getInputAsText ("myAnswer3") 
          myResult1=getInputAsText ("myResult1")
          myResult2=getInputAsText ("myResult2")
          myResult3=getInputAsText ("myResult3")
          score=getInputAsNumber ("score")
          if (myAnswer1 == "8")
           score = +1 
           myResult1 = "correct"
          myResult1 = "WRONG! It's Eight"

              if (myAnswer2.toLowercase() == "Apple".toLowerCase())
          score = + 1 
          myResult2 = "correct"
          myResult2 = "WRONG! It's Apple"

              if (myAnswer3.toLowercase() == "Microsoft".toLowerCase())
         score = + 1 
        myResult3 = "correct"
         myResult3 = "WRONG! It's Microsoft"

    //write output value
        setOutput ("myresultBox", myResult1)
        setOutput ("myresultBox", myResult2)
        setOutput ("myresultBox", myResult3)
        setOutput ("scoreBox", "Your total score is " + score + " out of 3")

    Answer all three questions and press go.<br>
    The total score will appear.<br><br>

    Input Values:<br>
    1. A byte is how many bits? <INPUT id= "myAnswer1Box"><br>  
    2. Steve Jobs heads what company?<INPUT id= "myAnswer2Box"><br>
    3. Bill Gates heads what company?<INPUT id= "myAnswer3Box"><br>
    <input type="submit"  Value="go" onclick="calculate()"><br><br>

    Output Value:<br>
    Result# 1:<INPUT id= "myResult1Box"><br>
    Result# 2:<INPUT id= "myResult2Box"><br>
    Result# 3:<INPUT id= "myResult3Box"><br>  
    Your score <INPUT id= "scoreBox">


Try debugging your code with the browser tools. It's the best way to learn how to find the problem.

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