when i need to install the vb6 project to network pcs this error is show :
The program cant start because ActiveX Tools.dll is missing from your computer. Try to install the program to fix this problem.

i search on internet for the dll required but i am not find it , some one help me please ??

If I remember correctly, the dll file forms part of crystal reports. You need to distribute ALL crystal reports files when installing on a foreign (non-testing) pc.

how i can do this , did you mean the report file if yes it is on pc, what i can do ???

Some if not mostly, you need the DLL/OCX/etc..etc.. files (if not all) used in the development of that program to be also available on those computers where you want to install them, otherwise, you will receive error/s.

So one thing to avoid such, is to make sure all needed resources are available to the other machines.

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