Dear list,
i am new to python as well as new to programming with no previous programming experience,
i have to design GUI in python and implement multithreading in it, and also perform multithreading at servers in query handling. I checked so many web pages and tried to learn basics of python, after completing basics i tried to design GUI , i design GUI by using wxPython, now i am trying to do something with multithreading, but here i get stucked and found no help on web, i understand the basics of threading but unable to implement it with my general examples may be i am trying to do something irrelevant, but i want to know how threading helps me to perfoms multiple tasks in my general examples, please suggest me some place where i could found threading and multithreading examples where i can do something more than just printing the thread number and time and where thread were used with some basic programs, please forgive me if i asked anything out of scope.
waiting for your reply.


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