Wish you all exciting 2013!!!.

My current script does the following
1. login to my secured Bank Account
2. download current statement and logout
3. do some reporting on the webpage (html)
4. send the report via email to myself

Here what I need your help and direction( anything with *** means I do not know how to do it)
1. login to my online banking.
2. view my statement online ***
3. create two buttons on my saved webpage using inserted html ***
4. These two buttons are CALC and SEND ***
5. By pressing CALC I do the report AND display it in small window ***
6. If I need a copy , then I click SEND and the report will go to my email ***

Is it too much to ask in my 2013 resolution !!!!!

  1. When the html is returned to your computer from the statement, pull the parts out that you need and redisplay as html,
  2. & 4. adding the html code for the two buttons
  3. & 6. Write a cgi script for each of the two actions
    There are many CPAN modules for screen scrapping, forms, and emailing.
    If you would like more detailed information, you would need to ask a more specific question.