hello experts . . .

there is one textbox , one label and one command button
i have written following to print textbox content to label


and when & is inputted in textbox then underscore(_) is placed in the place of &.
and i know that we use & for making a hot key for a control but i want to print this(&) in label.

hovever we can do so by putting && in textbox for printing single & in label but i dont want to use it

so any idea to do so . . .

Fortunately, creating a custom parsing procedure is also unnecessary
because VB provides a quick easy way to turn of the ampersand-to-
underscore behavior. In a label control, the UseMneumonic property
turns this behavior on and off. By default, Visual Basic sets this
property to True. In the label's property sheet, set it to False
to prevent the conversion.

thanks , its working

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Only a pleasure. Happy coding.

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