hi. a blind programming student, and did ask my lecturer, but he could not answer. has not done the talker classes before. i have a hangman self voicing game. it uses the anna voice, but looking for some more human sounding voices, like aussie, british, united states. did downloa and install the microsoft speech server. but when i tried to look for the other voices, while searching in windows 7 professional speech, and change text to speech, only anna is there. tried the espeak voices, but not that great sounding. and do not want the commercial voices from nuance.com, as do not have a credit card or pay pal. so looking for some free voices. got sapi 5 voices, in my jaws ro windows screen reader. can any one help me out, and also test my game for me. i have tested it. works great before submitting. my lecturer says i can ask some friends to test. let me know asap. marvin. ps: any developers in australia on this community. .

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