I Need a Code For This Question Please

Suppose you have a text file containing the name of salesperson followed by 3 numbers representing his sales during a certain period:
You are requested to process the file and generate the total sales for each salesperson in the following format:
Khaled: 130

You have to display the results in:

a listbox and
output it in another text file results.txt

Why on earth do you think I should do your homework?
What have you tried for yourself and what problems have you encountered?
Post a question about that and we will try to solve it.
(Think I'm gonna make a template of the above text . . .)

its not a homework dudeee....its a question i saw it in another site and i need this code please if you know how to solve it

commented: Lame. -3

If I see something like your post on a site, then it must interest me yes?
I would give it a try myself.
If I run into problems, I will post a question on DaniWeb :)
Btw nice try for an excuse! DaniWeb should start a competition and give a price for the best excuse of the year!

Forum rules clearly states

Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments

So quit dudeeing around and show some code!

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