I am going to create a project which is having multiuser configration,
So i decided to take vb.net as frontend and oracle as backend.
So the database will be on server and all client willhave software installed.
Questions are :
1. Do i need to install oracle in all pcs? If no then how to acces server database?
2. As it is multiuser all have their own username and password as access previlages, how to manage that in connection string?
3. What will be connection string to access server side oracle??

Please help..

Okay i got all the things. But now i want to know that after project completion.
1. Ill install oracle on server.
2. Software made by me in all clients.

So now do i need to do anything else on network???

No, the .Net framework/Oracle takes care of the rest for you. (Provided you coded the application correctly)

Okay thanx...

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