I am trying to reference a cell with a date from one worksheet to the other. I am using ='Statistics MVP'!A16 but it doesn't give me the date format it just gives me the number 41125 or any other number. When I format as a date form I get 1/0/1900 and this is what I want to hide until a date is put in any cell that is being referenced. What I want is that if there is no date in cell A16 that I am referencing, I don't want it to show anything until a date is put in cell A16 but still show in date format. Any ideas anyone? Hope you understand.

I know how to hide zeros using 0;-0;;@ but it doesn't seem to be a way to use it in leu of the date format.

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try this function =IF(Sheet2!A1 = 0," ",Sheet2!A1) basically if the source = 0 then use a " " as the value otherwise use the value from the source.

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