hi i am new in programming.i want to write a function “minesweeper(int, int, int )” that takes 3 arguments a, b, and p and produces an a-by-b Boolean array where each entry is occupied with probability p (e.g. if the randomly generated number is less than or equal to p, the cell is referred as empty else occupied) . In the minesweeper game, occupied cells represent bombs and empty cells represent safe cells. Print out the array using an asterisk for bombs and a period for safe cells. Then, replace each safe square with the number of neighboring bombs (above, below, left, right, or diagonal).kindly help and guide me

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So, you need a function with three parameters. The 1st two parameters are the sizes of the matrix, and the last is the probability. I do have some questions related to your project. For instance, do you randomly generate numbers between 0 and 1? From my knowledges of probability, p must take a value between 0 and 1, so I figure, your random number generator should take also values from 0 to 1. If that's the case, than you'll need a rand() funtion which would generated double numbers, not ints. For that, here's this:

double drand (double low, double high){
    return ((double)rand()*(high-low))/(double)RAND_MAX+low;

In your case you should use it like drand (0, 1);.
Also, you'll need to dynamically allocate a bool matrix of aXb.

    bool** matr = new bool* [a];
    for (int i=0;i<a;i++) matr[i] = new bool [b];

You'll need to have a number, randomly genedated, and compare it with the probability. Also, this should be done in a loop, so that if the number is lower, to mark the space in the matrix as free (true), or as occupied (false) if the number is greater. Here's a quick pseudocode:

for i from 0 to a do
    for j from 0 to b do
        num <- randomly generated number between 0 and 1 (using drand)
        if num < p then
            matr[i][j] <- true
        else matr[i][j] <- false

This function will fill up your newly allocated bool matrix with true/false values (free/occupied).
As for the printing part, that's easy:

for i from 0 to a do
    for j from 0 to b do
        if matr[i][j] = true then
            print "."
        else print "*"
        if j = a-1 then
            print new line

These are just some tips for your program. Having them, try to think how you could actually solve your problem. Good luck.

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