Please can anyone give me proper link for learning basics of JAVA...

I've been through just about all of the available Java instruction books, and I can honestly say that the online Oracle tutorials are a nightmare for a beginner. Virtually ANY book is better to start with.

One can't avoid the Java API though. Learning how to read and implement this is a must.

the oracle documentation aren't very "simple" because they try to keep it complete, where-ass much books early on only give partial information, and expect you to either discover it on yourself, or (in the best case scenario) have it covered in a later chapter, but that 's in a lot of books not the case.
books get a "limited" number of pages, and they have to fit everything they want to pass on those pages, while the online tutorials of oracle don't have that limitation. also, when a mistake is reported, it's a lot faster corrected then in a printed book. :)

I agree. The Oracle tutorials are the definitive best source for the most complete and up-to-date training material. The problem is "complete" - which means thety rapidly get into all kinds of detail that can overwhelm the beginner. They start with some high-level overview stuff taht is definitely a good read. Then, as you start to drill down into specific topics that interest you, it's easy to read the first few pages of a topic, then drop out when it goes too deep. The "really big index" makes it easy to see what there is.
If you are coming from Basic then probably the most important single topic to start with is the Object Oriented Concepts topic.

Oracle has done quite a poor job. It often looks like they don't know how to explain Java to newcomers. The complexity curve is very very steep and pages get bogged down in unnecessary detail, which tends to lose the reader quickly. Pages are difficult to traverse and the formatting is 80's style HTML. There are also few practical examples to aid understanding. I often have to look at external sites to see how best to implement a method. Nobody said they should be "simple"; just easier to follow. As I mentioned, any up-to-date book is better. As for mistakes, I found one only yesterday in Java 7.

Starstreak: that is because Java doesn't try to write: Java for Dummies.
They just show and explain Java as it is.
off course there are easier ways, that's also one of the reasons why every book 'll use textbooks, but then you'll never get the complete story. "details", and even large chapters have to be left out because there isn't enough space.
a lot also depends on how much effort the beginner wants to do to learn java.

Head First Java by Kathy Sierra is a very good book for beginners :)

You may also look at 'Java Actually: A First Course in Programming' by Khalid Mughal

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here's a good one, too:

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