I enrolled myself into 2 college classes (Java and C++) and i am curious on what the best book is for c++. I saw another thread with the same question, but that was posted 8 years ago. I do not mind paying for any book (price does not matter). If you guys know of books that are easy, intermediate, and advanced... Please refer them to me.

(Yes i am a high-school freshman in case you are wondering).

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A far better list than anything you would find on this site:

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Read the last couple pages of that sticky thread, there are posts only a couple weeks old.

I did, i saw a couple that seemed to attract my attention but i am wondering if anyone knows of any book that is better.

That was the post i was referring to when i mentioned a post being 8 years old. Do you know of any books that you refer to me?

search amazon.com and read book reviews by other people who have bought the books.

Update on the courses... I didn't get the C++ class but i got the java class. So i am going to switch c++ into c# in that case (the question might have to be moved in that case because i am going to need some c# books)...