I enrolled myself into 2 college classes (Java and C++) and i am curious on what the best book is for c++. I saw another thread with the same question, but that was posted 8 years ago. I do not mind paying for any book (price does not matter). If you guys know of books that are easy, intermediate, and advanced... Please refer them to me.

(Yes i am a high-school freshman in case you are wondering).

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I did, i saw a couple that seemed to attract my attention but i am wondering if anyone knows of any book that is better.


That was the post i was referring to when i mentioned a post being 8 years old. Do you know of any books that you refer to me?


Update on the courses... I didn't get the C++ class but i got the java class. So i am going to switch c++ into c# in that case (the question might have to be moved in that case because i am going to need some c# books)...

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