I am looking for a C# editor and I am wondering what is the best one (hopefully for mac) and I noticed that Visual studios is good (but i believe it is windows only though)... I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for an editor (unless Dreamweaver or Coda 2 can do the job..._

I'm not sure that you can develop C# applications on an IOS operating system. The .NET Framework is a Microsoft technology, so C# is not cross-platform like Java or PHP. If you only have access to a Mac, my suggestion would be to install a virtual machine running a Windows OS and use Visual Studio as your IDE (there are Express editions available for free for non-commercial purposes).

If i get a new computer that runs windows and i get Visual Studios, do you have a prefered computer (possibly a laptop)?

I would suggest a desktop. One thing I've learned over the decades, you don't want a screen too close, cause you'll end up looking at it for hours upon hours on end, when you're coding.

I also prefer desktop over laptop but unfortunately i have no room for one (desktop)... all my desks in my house are populated with an iMac... So in that case i am looking for a laptop (hopefully touch screen)...

But if you have a prefered monitor, tell me because I can (possibly if my parents let me), set up a computer (one that uses windows 8) in my room next to my other computer, but i have to get another desk to extend it.

I went to the Microsoft store (1 week ago), and i saw some pretty nice laptops and a few good monitors, but i didn't know which would be the best (the staff just took guesses on what the best ones were by making up their info/data...)

if the iMac uses standard keyboard, monitor, and mouse, all you need is a KVM(keyboard,video,mouse) switch. Most computer stores carry them and they're usually cheaper than a new desk, keyboard,monitor and mouse, and a heck of a lot smaller :)

well, i like the idea of a KVM, but i don't have it mind really. All i really need at the moment, as of now, a computer/laptop completely dedicated to Visual Studios (that is touch screen :D). Thanks for that suggestion, but i don't think i want that for my iMac. Do you have a specific computer model that you have in mind that is the best (that is touchscreen :D)?

Your best bet is to google laptop touchscreen reviews, and get the opinion of several different reviewers. I hate giving an opinion based on other people's opinion. But, I generally have one piece of advice for anyone buying a new computer. Pick a week and plan to make your purchase at the end of it. spend that week doing your due diligence and decide. After you buy, don't look at another ad. One thing about computers, there will always be a better deal next week.

MonoDevelop is a free cross-platform IDE for .NET langauges. It can build applications for Mono, which is a cross-platform implementation of the .NET Framework (I believe it can also target .NET, which would support Windows only).

I haven't used it in years, but it seemed pretty good then.

nmaillet is correct you can develop "Mono" applications on a Mac using Monodevelop, I recently installed it on my iMac without issue. I also develop on windows using Visual Studio. I prefer Visual Studio as it has intellisense and good addins (#reSharper 7.1) that help greatly. But if you are just looking to learn C# development go with MonoDevelop, it'll get you started wihtout costing you anything or requiring new hardware.

For operting systems other than windows including Mac OS and Linux, I would go with Monodevelop.

I haven't used MonoDevelop, but looking at their website they support a cross-platform interpretation of C# 3 (which is old given 4.5 was released in 2012 for Windows 8 and Server 2012, and 3 was released in 2006 with Vista and Server 2008). Debugging complex code would be interesting using such a middle manager too.

I believe a better approach would be to run VMWare with a Windows OS. This will give you a much closer experience to C# development than any attempt at trying to make .NET "cross platform" which is not its intended purpose.

I am going to get the new Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook, hopefully that may help out a bit (for me getting Visual Studios)

Just an FYI in response to darkagn (and anyone else who reads this thread later). According to Wikipedia, the versions of Mono do not follow the C# version (which also doesn't necessarily follow the .NET Framework version).

Mono 3.0 implements C# 5.0 which runs on .NET Framework 4.5.

Oh, that is good to know.

You shouldn't use Wikipedia to back up and argument or in research, it can be edited by anyone so it's unreliable.

You shouldn't use Wikipedia to back up and argument or in research, it can be edited by anyone so it's unreliable.

You seem to have forgotten to post your sources... Your post can be edited by you, so how else am I going to know if it's reliable?

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