I have this code so far

#Add two digits
def add(a,b):
    return a+b

#Subtract two digits
def sub(a,b):
    return a-b

#Multiply two digits
def mul(a,b):
    return a*b

#Divide two digits
def div(a,b):
    return a/b

#returns an integer that the user enters
def getCommand():
    cmd = input("Choose: ")
    return cmd

#Execute the command given
def execute(cmd):   
    a = input("Provide first number: ")
    b = input("Provide second number: ")

    if cmd == 1:
        print (add(a,b))

    if cmd == 2:
        print (sub(a,b))

    if cmd == 3:
        print (mul(a,b))

    if cmd == 4:
        print (div(a,b))

#displays the menu
def dispMenu():
    print ("1. Add two numbers")
    print ("2. Subtract two numbers")
    print ("3. Multiply two number")
    print ("4. Divide two numbers")

while True:
    cmd = getCommand()

However, when its ran, it gives the following:

  1. Add two numbers
  2. Subtract two numbers
  3. Multiply two number
  4. Divide two numbers
    Choose: 1
    Provide first number: 1
    Provide second number: 2
  5. Add two numbers
  6. Subtract two numbers
  7. Multiply two number
  8. Divide two numbers

It doesnt give me the answer. Any ideas as to why?
(This is my second program in python)

Problem solved, I needed the inputs to be parsed as ints.

A common mistake!

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