Hello everyone,

I am trying to use gnuplot for visualization of data stored in a file which is dynamically changed during computations. My aim is visualization of data from this file every several seconds during computations. How can I refresh gnuplot output produced in the bash script (usually i call gnuplot in the pipe). In web I found this solution:

!echo "pause 1; replot; reread;" > loop_forever.gnu

load "loop_forever.gnu"

But I am new in bash scripting. What does > mean and what is .gnu file?

Thank you

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Hi Freude!

The ">" basically just re-directs output. In this case, the result of: echo "pause 1; replot; reread;" > loop_forever.gnu would be a file named 'loop_forever.gnu' with the stuff in quotes as the content of the file.

It looks like .gnu is an extension to indicate that it's a gnuplot script.

Beyond that, I'm not familiar with gnuplot, so I don't know how much more I can help, but let us know if you have more questions!



Thanks Gromit for useful explanations. I should learn more about the extension .gnu. I used gnuplot scripts but their filename extension was.gp Maybe it is just the same.

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