A fest called "Technothon" is going to be held in my college. In this fest, CEO's of large MNC's are invited. I am to present a project in front of them. So, please suggest some project ideas..
"C" language is my strong point. But i have got no idea about graphics. So, kindly suggest some ideas regarding any project..
Thanking you in advance..

Like the Universe, this subject is infinite... Do a project/presentation on stuff you are personally interested in.

but i m not able to think of any such thing.. plz help..

but i m not able to think of any such thing..

That's sad. So you don't have any interests? You don't understand your audience well enough to figure out what might interest them? You don't have any teachers or peers who have any interests or ideas for anything at all?

No disrespect intended, but from your posts so far you strike me as astonishingly lazy. If you're unwilling to put in the effort in merely thinking of a project idea, the chances of actually finishing the project are vanishingly small.

actually, this is the first time i'd be presenting in front of everyone and i am so just excited to present it.. And this is why i am not being able to decide, what would attract audience the most..

And this is why i am not being able to decide, what would attract audience the most..

Honestly, were I visiting a university and attending a presentation, I'd be more impressed with a solid project/presentation than an attractive or exciting project/presentation. The biggest problem I've seen with folks coming into the field from college is an almost universal inability to get things done. On the job training and experience fixes the problem quickly, but if you can show these CEOs that you can get things done, they'll be impressed regardless of the actual technical content.

ok..But i have to present something.. Then what exactly you think, I should present?

Why not read through the subjects of other projects, and see if that doesn't spark a bit of interest in you. Imo, it has to be something you're interested in.

Also, read through the science news (Google it), and again, see what catches your eye.

Driverless cars? A few are licensed and on our roads, in the US.

Navigation ("GPS") in space using Pulsars is being studied by Max Planke Institute in Germany. Seems we currently can't position our satellites once they get away from Earth, very well.

Argon-Argon Dating is in the news on the BBC website. Best date yet for the extinction of the dinosaurs, and the first placental mammal (non-egg laying).

Plethera of distributed computing projects AND illegal botnets (Symantic and Microsoft just took down a HUGE botnet). The good and the bad they do.

Ex-President Bush just had his email hacked into - interested in securty?

You'll find lots of stuff if you just search on-line. I don't think anyone can direct you to a subject however - it has to be something you're interested in, curious about, etc.

Good luck! ;)

Here is a project I like to see:
"Compare 2 texts and give a percentage of match."

yeah,like the vegaseat said,may google with you!