I dont know what the responce will be but I kind of like the idea. Pls reply with critisim but pls stay polite.

I have been Thinking if there can not be started something like a python guild. Run by an advanced python programer and the people part of it will be just normal pythoners... Then the guild will have a list of projects with python like a webkit browser, a library enabled ligtwiaght music player ect. Then the code will be shared and developed by the guild members. All the stuf will be cross platform.

This sounds cool to me and the best way to improve your own python skils by doing python. It sound fun to... Tell me what you guys think... If this is off topic or in the wrong board or something, I apologise.

Kind Regards

I almost wasn't going to reply to this, seeing as I don't consider myself a python expert and my advice may not count as much as other people's. It sounds like you might find an open-source project to work on. Not anything big, because I don't think the developers at Ubuntu or Django are just gonna let you start working with them without knowing you (i know they wouldn't let me). But maybe a smaller project. I'm not sure where you would find such a project, or what you would even consider interesting enough to want to work on, but it's an idea.

The Idea is a couple of coders that build stuff together to learn themselves..

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