i cant seem to create my java project into jar files so any one can run it. i have a folder with 10 java files and two folder and some images and music. take a look at my project files tree. its on a image. tree

i google it and to create jar file i did this:

-open eclipse
-run project
-right click project
-runnable jar file
-this will open a runable jar file export window

so far good but here is the problem:
on that window under lanch configuration i cant find my Main.java. on google they say that "you will see your file under lanch configuration" but i cant see it. i see some of my other project files but no Main.java.

this project is a applet and i have no packages. i am not sure what i am doing wrong.

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Launch configurations are also known as Run configurations. If you don't have the configuration that you want in the list you can edit your list of configurations in the Run Configurations dialog box which you can get to from the Run menu.

i tried going to run configuration than click on Main.java than run. but it didnt made difference

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