am using dev c++ updated version for my project
am using myql c api

problem is when i run my application it stop and says that mysql.dll is missing , currently when i place mysql.dll in the app folder it cant give me the error ,
so i want to any static library or something like that so that my application not depend upon mysql.dll


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thats hard task , i have poor gcc compiler and am unable to coumpile it :( .... @ Ancient Dragon , can you compile mysql source , if yes please then please share lmysqlclient.a lib with us , i searced everywhere too many users are looking after it but no where , because not everyone is fan of visual studio so we need .a lib for 32 bit gcc compiler


Sorry, I don't have the time or inclination to do your work for you. Have you read this page?

The static library is named mysqlclient and the dynamic library is named libmysql.

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