I don't know where to post this, but since this is vb6 thread i'll just post it here.

I need all of your support by voting Visual Basic Classic to be improved. here is the link: Bring back Classic Visual Basic, an improved version of VB6

To vote:
Click the vote button and Choose 3 and thats it. No need to register. We need a lot of votes so spread the word about it.

Thank you,

AndreRet commented: I voted. I agree with most of the posts there as well. +13

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Indeed. I voted!!

I wish you the best of luck with this.

If MS does finally see the light and provide an update, I hope that they also will have the sense to draw the line on the .Net side of things and admit that it is not a natural progression from VB6 and in doing so eliminate the stuff in it that tries to tie it back to VB6. That stuff only confuses people.

commented: my thoughts exactly. :) +13


It may help if you request that a moderator "sticky" this thread for a month or two. Just make a posting and flag it as a bad post (I really dislike the name they use to request moderator attention).

I also suggest that you request that the title be changed to something like:

Please vote for "MS to update VB6" - we have their attention - Act Now!

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