Write a Java program to do the following:
A dairy farm sells organic brown eggs to local customers. They charge $3.25 for a dozen eggs, or 45 cents for individual eggs that are not part of a dozen. Write, compile, and test a Java class that prompts a user for the number of eggs in the order and then display the amount owed with a full explanation

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No one is going to do your code, and this is posted in the wrong place....

Agreed with grammarisgooder, no one is going to do your work, show us your effort... and then we will help.

You couldn't even be bothered to make a decent title. I would have deleted this post if others hadn't already replied. I'll just let it stand as a good example of a bad example.

Forum rules:

Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments

Every idiot can copy and past to present other people work as their own. Make difference and do it yourself, if you get stuck then you are more then welcome post your question.

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