What's the easiest way to create graphs? (free if poss)

P.s I have a look at ZedGraph and NPlot and they ain't for me.


Thanx mate, but I need like a poly graph such as cost vs time.

I think your pie chart is wrong anyway, or maybe you got the red/green colours mixed up.

Also do you have any idea how to do a 3d pie chart?

Also you should set the antialiasing to be on:

'Set the quality of the Pen to high quality
      e.Graphics.SmoothingMode = Drawing2D.SmoothingMode.Highquality

hmm maybe I might try zedPlot before I discard it. LOL.

(ps you got a job yet?)

could you reference the excel graph libary?

No it has to be a stand alone application, I'm gonna try zedPlot today tho.

here is a VB.NET Express project i made. It displays hard disk space using a pie chart. It may help you. Unzip it first.

key for DriveInfo please