I m having a problem when sending my c# projects to a friend via e-mail. Before sending i use WINRAR to compress it however when the other side gets the mail and when it tries to open it, it get s an error ouptut saying: "application not found". When going to the folder were the archive has been downloaded and opening it from there, the program opens but it says"one or more solutions were not opened correctly". I think i didnt get you confused guys. Basically i would like you to show me the proper way how to send an c# project someone so that it is openable on the other side.

I zip them. Did you Publish your project correctly? Thenyour friend can run the installer.
If your friend has VS, send him your project and he can open and the project through VS.

So, if I understand correctly. You want to share your project definition and source code with your friend as opposed to sending your friend an installable version of your project.

Use the file Explorer and go to your "Visual Studio 20XX\Projects" folder. Right-click on the folder that holds your project. Select Send To --> Compressed (zipped) Folder. You may need to go to the Debug and/or Release folders in the project and delete the .exe (executable) files. Some email providers will not allow your to send exe files even if zipped. This is good practice anyways, as you do not want to accidently infect your friends computer if your's has an undetected virus that has attach itself to your project exe's.

Then when your friend receives it. He/she should extract the folder( Right-Click - Extract All) before trying to work with the files.

Oops: I dd not refresh the browser page and see that this was marked solved already.

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