I am very new to c#.

How do I write a code for this scenario, There is one Button in my web form. If I click on it, It should retrieve all the names of customers from the database.

Can someone please give guide me with code

Did not find samples on net to be helpful to me....

An n-tier architecture is sometimes called a peer-to-peer architecture, where clients can be servers and vice-versa. A 2-tier architecture is a pure client-server situation. The client asks, and the server delivers. So, please tell us what you are trying to work out, other than the abstraction you mention. N-tier has nothing to do, specifically, with C# or any other programming language, although there are some that are designed to deal with such abstractions.

In any case, some Google searches for the terms you are interested in will probably help.

There is a UI layer, BL layer, DAL and then the Database.

I use asp.net.

I have created a Button. When I click on the button Button_click() should be called from code behind page and then to BL layer and then to DAL and then access the names of employees from the db and display them.

How do I implement it?