Sorry for my bad english, i have translated this task for fast, but i really neeed help.

Your task - to make automatic sfetofora (3d model).

Traffic light works in three directions: to the two directions of movement of vehicles (in the center and from the center) and to move pedestrians across the road ..

The default value for the green cars and pedestrians red. When the "pedestrian" presses (any key keyboard), then after a while sfetofora machines blinks, then switches to yellow and then - on the red. Pedestrian lights turn green. Then again, the yellow for cars - and goes into the initial state.

Evaluation system:

10 points - correctly implemented appeal to the properties of the object (sharik.color = ...)

10 points - the program runs in cycles (cycle while-True)

20 points - the correct sequence of signals

10 points - flashing implemented using a for loop

10 points - quality traced lights

10 points - rendered the road pavement

6 points - on the road at a random time passing machine, which stops at a red light.

4 points - the scene is centered in the background instead of black background - texture. For example, clouds or blue.

5 points - the program runs

5 points - in the bottom of the scene written by first and last name of the author

5 points - a neat, appropriate design of products (no fancy colors, disproportionate objects

5 points - in the text there are comments that explain the blocks.

I had made already some of the visuals, but i dont know how to make a processes what i need, i was trying to find a topic about this, but its nothing here...

My code now

from visual import*
#svetofoor figura
korobka=box(pos=(0,2,-0.5),length=2, height=6, width=2, color=(0.5,0.5,0.5))
zeljonij1=sphere(pos=(0,0,0), radius=1)
oranzevij1=sphere(pos=(0,2,0), radius=1)
krasnij1=sphere(pos=(0,4,0), radius=1)
zeljonij2=sphere(pos=(0,0,-1), radius=1)
oranzevij2=sphere(pos=(0,2,-1), radius=1)
krasnij2=sphere(pos=(0,4,-1), radius=1)
peskrasnij=sphere(pos=(0.5,2,-0.5), radius=1)
peszeljonioj=sphere(pos=(0.5,0,-0.5), radius=1)
palka=cylinder(pos=(0,0,-0.5), axis=(0,-10,0), radius=0.5)

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Interesting assignment? Now, just one thing though... your code? We can't help you if you don't show us what you'vd worked so far.

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