i am working on a project in which i did some calculation on a pic24 microcontroller and now i want to send that information by uart to a bluetooth device(RN-42). the bluetooth module then sends it forward to the pc.

the trouble i am facing is that i dont know how to write the code in mplab to transmit the data to the bluetooth device and then commands the bluetooth device to send the data.

Please if someboday has an idea how to get this thing working or if somebody has a coded example for the pic24.

I will be obliged

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RTFM? By UART, I presume you mean an RS-232 device, to an external bluetooth wireless controller? How is the bluetooth transceiver connected to the pic24 - via USB, or otherwise? In any case, you don't provide enough information to help. Code can only work with specific interfaces, and you are not providing that information in an adequate fashion.

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