Hello there, i was just wondering does anyone here know how do i add a multiscreen for an android app using visual studio. I know how to code everything but i m not sure do i have to do this using xamarin interface or can i do it with visual studio like for example adding a class.
One other thing. I m just curious how come no one is talking here about xamarin i mean it is a revolution (that s my opinion) i ve searched Daniweb and I haven t found any thread about XAMARIN.
- I m using Windows OS.
ps. I didn know where to post this since there is not xamarin tab or something simillar in this forum so since xamarin works with C# i decide to use the C# header in the dropdownmenu.

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I have been using MonoTouch and MonoDroid for quite some time and you are right; it is a revolution! Android screens are known as an Activity. You already have one (that is what is showing the UI for your app right now), so all you need to do is add another Activity class. From your existing activity, all you need to do is use the Intent object to tell Android to display your 2nd Activity.

Here is a tutorial from Xamarin about how to create multi-screen applications: http://docs.xamarin.com/guides/android/getting_started/hello,_multi-screen_applications


tnx for the info.
I ve got one more question.
is there a way to just drag and drop objects in visual studio onto the design form of the application like in Eclipse or do i have to code it and use the lineaar layout?


Hi There,

Hope you are well, I’m busy writing a Workflow solution for the our Mobile Devices, The Problem I have
Is that the activity “protected override void OnCreate(Bundle bundle)” does not fire what I initiate the activity.

I’ve googled and search the internet for a solution but did not found any solution for my problem.
I need to be able to execute the activity in an Android Library(WorkFlowController).

May you please assist me in this matter.

Kind Regards
Stephen Engelbrecht

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