I'm a student at a university and I'm having trouble with an assignment. Mainly because I am very new to assembly language.

If you have any experience using NASM x86 assembly language, please contact me through private messages

I am willing to pay well.

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You cannot pay someone to complete your university work for you, not only is this plagerism but it is also fraud and is likely to have you thrown out of university and black listed.

Seriously... consider the conseqeunces...

I would suggest that you use the internet to look into your problem, find out what it is you have to do and write it out in a logical order. If you have any specific questions then by all means come back and I am sure someone can help.

Good luck.

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This sort of post really disappoints me. If you can't do it, either knuckle down and bash your head at it until you can, or switch courses. It could be that you were never meant to be a programmer and you'll waste a few years before redirecting to another career.

Mainly because I am very new to assembly language.

Nobody was born being able to programme in assembly.

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