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I'm creating a panel with multiple TextBoxes, labels, buttons, etc., within it. One of these buttons will end the entry of info and is intended to recreate the panel at a location further down the form. To this, I believe I need a loop. But this loop needs to needs to work one time and stop. Once that panel has its textboxes filled, the user will push a button to start the loop again, and create another panel further down the form.

Obviously "For...." and "Next" would handle the looping... assuming I wanted it to go on and on. So how do I tell it to work just the one time and then stop - but still hold the value so that, when the button is pushed again, the loop will start up again.

For the record, I'll have two loops that read:

Dim a As Integer
        For a = 0 To 1000
            Dim b As String
            b = Short.Parse(a)
            Dim x As Integer
            For x = 215 To 100000000 Step 147
            'insert additional steps here
            Next x
        Next a

Is it really a loop I want to use or is there another function or subroutine that I should use.

Thanks again group,


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Group, please ignore this post. I figured it out. I think I was trying to make this much more difficult than it was.

Watch for the next post. It goes in line with my first post.

Thanks again.


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