Ok sorry was kind of hard to explain my problem in the title.

I got basically 3 forms.
Form 1 and Form2 contain mostly the same fields.
But Form 1 is used to enter data in the database.
Form 2 is used to view and if needed edit data.
Form 3 is showing a day overview to put notes at each hour.

My problem is when i click the textbox on Form 3 it is using data from Form1
It will enter the data from textbox1 and Textbox 2 to identify the who put the note there.
But when i am trying to change something through form 2.
Which basically removes the data enter in Form 3 and put something new there i end up with a error because Form1 Textbox1 and 2 are empty.

Is there a way to make it use the data from form 2 if the textboxes in form 1 are empty?

Hope i somewhat make sense.

Use a conditional statement,

If Form1.TextBox1.Text = "" Then
    'Do something
End If