This is the output:
This happens when I input "1" in the quantity textfield.
(The quantity textfield turns null after inputing a value)

But when I put "1" in the quantity textfield and click Oranges, it overwrites the Apples.

WHat i wanted to happen is that it'll tally my selections. Like this:

These are my codes so far:

import javax.swing.*;

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

public class Main extends JFrame implements ActionListener{

    JLabel lblTitle, lblQty, lblTotal;
    JRadioButton radApple, radOrange, radPomelo;
    JTextField txtQty;
    JTextArea txtScreen;
    Button btnAdd, btnPrint, btnCancel, btnExit, btnStock;

    ButtonGroup bg;


        setTitle("Tricia's Grocery Store");

        add(lblTitle=new JLabel("Tricia's Grocery Store"));
        lblTitle.setFont(new Font("Broadway", Font.PLAIN, 35));

        add(radApple=new JRadioButton("Apples ---------- P15.75"));
        add(radOrange=new JRadioButton("Oranges -------- P12.50"));
        add(radPomelo=new JRadioButton("Pomelos -------- P95.25"));


        bg = new ButtonGroup();

        add(lblQty=new JLabel("Quantity:"));

        add(txtQty=new JTextField(2));

        add(lblTotal=new JLabel("P0.00"));

        add(btnAdd=new Button("Add Item"));

        add(btnPrint=new Button("Print Receipt"));

        add(btnCancel=new Button("Reset Values"));

        add(btnExit=new Button("Close"));

        add(txtScreen=new JTextArea());
        txtScreen.setFont(new Font("Courier",Font.PLAIN,15));


    public static void main(String[]args){
        Main main = new Main();

    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
        double appleprice=0, orangeprice=0, pomeloprice=0;
        int qty = Integer.parseInt(txtQty.getText());
        String strApples= "", strOranges = "", strPomelos = "";

        if (radApple.isSelected()){
            appleprice += 15.75 * qty;
            strApples = ("Apples ------  x" + txtQty.getText()+ " ----- P" + appleprice);
            txtScreen.setText(strApples + strOranges + strPomelos);
        if (radOrange.isSelected()){
            orangeprice += 12.50 * qty;
            strOranges = ("Oranges ------  x" + txtQty.getText()+ " ----- P" + orangeprice);
            txtScreen.setText(strApples + strOranges + strPomelos);

        if (radPomelo.isSelected()){
            pomeloprice += 95.25 * qty;
            strPomelos = ("Pomelos ------  x" + txtQty.getText()+ " ----- P" + pomeloprice);
            txtScreen.setText(strApples + strOranges + strPomelos);


that's because you use setText instead of append

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Instead of setText, use append to append your new text to the text that's already in the text area. (You may want a new line character "\n" as well)

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Instead of

 txtScreen.setText(strApples + strOranges + strPomelos); //line 103

Try this:-

 txtScreen.setText(txtScreen.getText + "\n" +strOranges);



Similarly at other places

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that's because you use setText instead of append

Instead of setText, use append to append your new text to the text that's already in the text area. (You may want a new line character "\n" as well)

This is just a spoof of above line.After that my statement just tell how to do a line change.I am not copying entire code and making them just copy-paste my code.It is just a line in which i am pointing out error.First understand the difference between showing code and showing error-line code.

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