Hi everyone,

How do you think i could use one type of structure to define a range of shapes (like line, circle, rectangle, triangle).

What things do they have in common and what special info i might need for some of them.

How could i make a single drawing func that draw all the shapes.

I am using MS visual c as a compiler. Help would be much appreciated.

Thank you

you can find the exact example of that in Microsoft Scribble tutorial. See www.mscn.microsoft and search for "Scribble Tutorial". It will show how to just draw straight lines but might be expanded to include other shapes too.

Hi, thanks for droping a reply.
This website you gave is not working but i managed to find scribble tutorial but i guess its all written in c ++. i am looking for c language program. Its bound to be very straight fwd. I wonder if someone can point me in right direction.


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