Hi everyone,
I have made a desktop application in NetBeans IDE 7.3. In the dist folder ,there is my project's executable jar file. But by double clicking it is not opening.
Can anybody make suggestions about it,
Thanks in advance

When you say "not opening", exactly what does or doesn't happen? Do you see any error messages or other output? What happens if you open a command window and run the jar with java,exe?

the problem (most likely) is that you haven't correctly set your environment settings in your OS. make sure your classpath is set and that it's set right.
otherwise, you won't be able to run your application by just double clicking, and you'll have to go through the command line.

Try executing it from the commandline with

java -jar <filename>.jar

or make a .bat file like this

@echo off
java -jar <filename>.jar
::paused so that you can see errors (this is a comment)


I am getting an error at the command promt:

Unable to access jarfile JavaApplication14


I have again set the classpath but it is not opening. By command prompt also I am getting the error as i just replied above.


It is not opening means nothing happens when i double click the jar file of my project.

Unable to access jarfile JavaApplication14

The .jar extension has to be explicit in the jar file name, eg

javaw -jar JavaApplication14.jar

maybe that was the problem?

No again the same Error is coming
" unable to access jarfile JavaApplication14 "

What's odd about that is that the standard error message containts the complete file name that was used in the command, so if you typed
javaw -jar JavaApplication14.jar
the error message should be
unable to access jarfile JavaApplication14.jar
but it's not. Wierd.

Take a screen shot of ypour command window input and error message and post them here

i think first you set java compiler ...then go to cmd and type javac if you see there your java compiler instruction then you do good job,successfuly configure your java compiler then go as
java -jar <class name>.jar
i think through that you easily run the your executable file

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