I'm going through a netbeans tutorial on Java ecommerce located here:

When I get to "running the web project, step 1", I click the green run button in the NetBeans IDE.

In my browser, it goes to http://localhost:8080/AffableBean, but no HTML is displayed.

If I view the admin domain console for glassfish, the click on applications, and click launch for my affable bean project, a window comes up with two options that says:

Application Name:
[server]    http://Andres-PC:8080/AffableBean
[server]    https://Andres-PC:8181/AffableBean 

If I click the second one, the https option, the html is displayed and all is well.

What is going on here, and why can't I just run it directly from the NetBeans IDE?

I am running netbeans 7.1.1 and Glassfish 3.1.2

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I don't know what is going on, but you already marked you thread as "solved" without anyone replying!

People will see this and most likly ignore this thread because it's solved.


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