I want to ask some pieces of advice on where should i start once i have think of a project. what are some basic things or steps you can advice..thanks

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Capture a proper specification of the scope and important functionality. UML Use Cases are one good way to do it. Don't try to get it 100% complete or correct, because it's going to change anyway. From there you can start an object design (class diagram, activity diagram). Avoid the temptation to start codeing too early.


what are some basic things or steps you can advice..thanks

Start small and start quick with a rough design sketch in your head/paper. Don't be bogged down by the big picture. Always try to divide stuff into small bits and pieces. The first and foremost focus should be to get it working. How it is done depends a lot on your way of thinking: some start by identifying the primitive parts of the application and writing it piece by piece. You can have your own preference.

As your system evolves, be prepared to throw away your code if need be. The day you replace a 100 line code with a 20 line one (of course same functionality and more elegant) should be a good day for you. :)

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