Hello everyone, I'm making programs from quite a while now, and they don't work on most computers, people keep asking me: What are the system requements for this and that program?
My answer is: I don't know !

Basically I need a program that tells me what .NET Framework version is needed to run a program made by VB.NET 2010

Please help me !

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You select the framework version in your project properties. But if you use an installer then it will be able to point out missing prerequisites, which include the framework version. I get the impression that you're just copying the executable around.


Using a lower framework version will get you more compatability. If you listin to deceptikon and send the installer it will automatically update the framework to the program specifications. On my projects I dislike the installer and just use the debug.exe, so I can use them on public school computers. Of course the school computers are out of date and I must use .Net 3.5.

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